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Fluval Pro Fresh & Plant 2.0 LED Strip Light Review

The Fluval Pro Fresh & Plant 2.0 LED Strip Light features 5 unique light spectrum band waves that make it perfect for freshwater and planted aquariums.

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Product Overview

The Fluval Pro Fresh and Planted 2.0 is a professional grade LED light strip that provides more light than the previous 1.0 model. Along with the added light the LED strip appears to be a more sturdy construction. This was a common complaint with the previous offerings from Fluval.

The fully illuminated touch-switch with dimming feature adds a cool effect to the dimmer switch. You can activate the unit in the dark without having to turn on lights that might disturb the fish or planted life.

While the dimmer does not come with some of the fancy controls of other LED aquarium lighting systems it can be used in conjunction with any normal appliance timer. This will allow you to set the on/off time. Which should not be too much of a hassle if you are upgrading from fluorescent or other traditional lighting systems.

With the added light in this new 2.0 generation you will probably not have to use the full setting. If you do you might find yourself with an algae bloom and/or having to trim your plants back more than you are used to with other lights. We found that this light can easily handle larger tanks.

The Fluval 2.0 LED light comes in various sizes ranging from 24” to 60”. Make sure you take accurate measurements of your tank. Some are advertised longer than they actually are when fully setup.

Wifi Compatible

Fluval also sells the Fluval A3976 Wifi LED controller which allows you to control up to 2 Fluval LED lights from your smartphone. We haven’t been able to test this yet but word is that it works fairly well but a normal appliance timer might work just as good for most users.

Fluval 2.0 LED light Specs:

Size – 2.8 x 7 x 27.3 inches

Weight – 4.3 Pounds

Wattage – 32W

High light output
Wallet friendly


No 24/7 settings

Buying Recommendation

The Fluval Pro Fresh and Plant 2.0 LED strip light great option for those upgrading from the older Fluval lights or cheaper Aquarium LED lights. Especially if you are looking for more light output.

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