24″ 448 Watt Metal Halide and T5 Combination Light for true reef tank, with adjustable rack and legs


Up for sale is a brand spanking new in box, 24″ long, 448-watt combination lighting fixture with both metal halide and actinic blue T5 high output lamps, designed for marine aquarium with live corals.
AquaVim MH reef lighting systems represent the pride of AquaVim on account of years of scientific research and study in marine animals. They’re specially designed for true reef tanks with corals demanding optimum light distribution. AquaVim MH reef light systems help achieve higher wattage per gallon and fuller oceanic light spectrum than any other metal halide lights in the marketplace and are perfect for luxurious high tanks like AquaVim’s Ocean View and Moon View aquariums. Reef light is equipped with 2 separate wires so that you can connect with your timer to simulate natural day/night light cycle for facilitating spawn activities of your marine pets.
The fixture is 24″L x 14″W x 3 1/2″H, with one 400 watt metal halide bulb (14,000K or 20,000K) in the middle, and two 24-watt T5HO actinic blue bulbs at sides shining at a perfectly-tilted angel. It comes with both reinforce legs and adjustable suspension rack.
Price for this advanced reef lighting system is regular $665, now on sale for only $445. With the purchase, you are entitled to half price on a 4 3/4″ external cooling fan with variable speed keep an eye on – this means you the fan is your for only $26 as an alternative of $52.
If you’re a New York State resident, we cannot sell to you directly because Aqua Vim has already had many dealers in NYS. Please buy this from your local dealer.


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