AQUANEAT Aquarium Light 0.5W Marine FOWLR White and Blue LEDs


This LED fixture supplies a prime quality, energy efficient light fixture. Long lasting LEDs without a bulb replacement required.
•Super bright and effort efficient 0.50 watt LEDs
•Appropriate for all freshwater, cichlids, and marine fish simplest setups
•Splash guard
•Super slim housing with black finish
•Fixtures are fitted with 10000K cool white and 460nm Actinic Blue LEDs
•Two Mode :All lighting on and All lighting off
•Input : 110V 60Hz
12″: 12 LEDs -720 lumen 10x 10000K, 2x Actinic
20″: 24 LEDs – 1440 lumen 21x10000K, 3x Actinic
24″: 30 LEDs – 1800 lumen 25x10000K, 5x Actinic
30″: 36 LEDs – 2160 lumen 30x10000K, 6x Actinic
36″: 42 LEDs – 2520 lumen 35x10000K, 7x Actinic
Dimension (now not come with bracket):
12″: 9.25″x2.67″x0.4″
20″: 17.nine”x2.67″x0.4″
24″: 22.3″x2.67″x0.4″
30″: 27.8″x2.67″x0.4″
36″: 33.7″x2.67″x0.4″
Length of One Extendable Bracket:
12″: 3.15″
20″: 3.15″
24″: 5.nine”
30″: 5.nine”
36″: 5.nine”
1 piece of LED light
1 power adaptor


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