Jungle Hobbies Double Advanced LED Lighting System


This light is packed with features that will satisfy the most discriminating gadget loving vivarium/aquarium hobbyist. We know, because this was our desire from day one in the hobby to have a light that could easily simulate different lighting conditions all the way through the day with full keep an eye on over light intensity and timing. This lights does all of that and more !
5 daily modes

Dawn – wake everyone up with a bit of white light and lots of orange tones
Sunrise sun, is coming up, pump up white max out the orange glow, get the plants in the mood for growing
Day now we’re talking. Blast full sun for several hrs, get the amazing growth whether you’re growing aquatic plants, orchids, broms or mosses. You are going to not imagine what they’ll do under full 6500K high intensity light
Sunset Let the plants naturally wind down for the night, let the habitat start slowing down naturally
Night want few hrs of moon light ? Turn off white, orange, green and yellow LEDs and just put a shimmer of blue. Observe your nocturnal animals come to life, or just enjoy the cool look of your aquarium/vivarium

NOTE: Needless to say, you’ll adjust every one of the vital 5 modes to your liking, you’ll run each mode for so long as you wish to have too! Want your sunrise last 5 min or 3 hrs, no problems?


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