Maxspect Ethereal 130w LED & ICV6 Bundle Package


The Maxspect Ethereal is now to be had to order and this bundle includes
everything you want to setup and use the brand new LED light by Maxspect.

Maxspect Ethereal LED Light E5 130watt is an LED light for aquariums and
reef tanks, designed to maximize coral coloration and growth. The Ethereal
is a module light allowing it to be changed and fixed when needed, allowing
you to upgrade or modify it later on. If your searching for an LED Light for
your reef tank or saltwater aquarium the Maxspect Etereal is a brilliant option
and provides an enormous amount of lighting coverage.


Effective: 24in x 24in | Maximum: 30in x 30in

* Advanced Crossflow Fan; draws air from above and below the fixture
* WiFi Connectivity with iOS/Android app, fully programmable*
* Only 1.3″ Thick!!
* Enhances Coral Growth & Coloration
* Programmable RGB Color LED Fan for Aesthetic Back-light Effect
* 5 Programmable Color Channels / Integrated Crack of dawn to Dusk
* Includes Stylish Tank-top Mounting Arm
* Optimized 100-Degree Lens with reflective cups for Maximum
Penetration and Superb Color Blending
* Utilizes Cree XLamp, XT-E & XP-E LED chips


Modular Perfection

The Maxspect Ethereal is a full spectrum modular lighting fixture with 5
independently controlled color channels and enough performance to fulfill
the needs of even essentially the most demanding corals.

Multiple units can also be linked together to work as one and can also be easily
controlled wirelessly by the use of PC, mobile iOS or Android devices. The
iOS/Android app allows the user to create different photoperiod profiles,
weathered modes plus many more enhancing features

One-of-a-Kind Cooling System

A unique temperature controlled crossflow fan pul


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