Solarmaxh02 Double T5 Ho Strip W/led 30″


Deep Blue Professional – DB SolarMaxHO – Double Lamp Fluorescent T5HO Light System w/Moonlight LEDs. 30″ Double T5 High Output Light System – 24W x 2 Elegant & Sleek: Crafted from pure aluminum for thermal conductivity. The SolarMaxHO. light system makes a bold remark with its sleek & compact design. Finished with a very simple to clean matte black protective coating. Power & Freedom: Contains state-of-the-art electronic ballast technology to run cooler & last more. Independently controlled lamp channels is supplied clean stable power for optimal performance. Controls easily accessible on back of unit. Multi-Moonlight LEDs are preprogrammed to an “all the time-on” state. Amplify & Focus: Strategically positioned moonlight LEDs are specially tuned & integrated directly into the reflector simulating natural night illumination for a full day/night cycle. The main reflector adopts a light amplifying parabolic design polished to a mirror like finish. Consequently, lumen output is magnified exponentially increasing both light penetration & coverage. Plug & Play: Able to use out of the box. Includes acrylic lens cover for moisture and debris protection. Extendable mounting legs also included. Secure & Protected: Compression-fit, water resistant lamp sockets safely lock lamp pins & electrical connections away from moisture maintaining Secure, reliable, high performing operation. Includes: (1) 10,000K Daylight Lamp (1) Actinic-03 Lamp (4) Blue Moonlight LEDs


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