Twinstar Freshwater Planted Aquarium LED Light

Twinstar Freshwater Planted Aquarium LED Light Review

The Twinstar Freshwater Planted Aquarium LED Light series offers a wide variety of LED aquarium lighting systems suited for your exact needs.

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Product Overview

Twinstar’s offerings in the full spectrum led lighting systems for planted aquariums just got a major boost in quality. The full spectrum lights offer rich color that is predominantly in the desired 400nm – 700nm range. This range is ideal for photosynthetic plants and illuminates the tank with a rich and warm color.

The Twin Star Planted Aquarium lights come in a variety of options such as the standard mounted version and even a hanging version that you can attach to a light rack. Both offer a sleek design that will highlight your aquarium nicely.

The LED lights offer an impressive 30000 hrs lifespan and can operate at temperatures ranging from 14° – 104°F. The Twinstar unit also has an impressive Lumen rating of 4900 and 65W.

Overall the Twinstar Freshwater Planted Aquarium LED lights are a great option for those looking for impressive durability and full spectrum lights.

Twinstar Freshwater Planted Aquarium LED lights Specs:

Size – 850mm x 141mm x 20mm (Designed for 900 mm (36 inches) or greater length aquariums)


The 600S: designed for 900mm (90cm or 36inch) length aquariums.

The SP: includes hanging wires that are designed to loop over light hanging bars other mounting system. (The Twinstar SP does NOT include mounting legs.)


Full Spectrum


No built in timer

Buying Recommendation

Twinstar has a great lineup for planted aquarium owners that are looking for a quality full spectrum LED aquarium light that will last for 30000 hours.

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